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موضعنا اليوم راح يكون بالانقليزي

كل ثلاثاء ان شاء الله =)

Good morning everyone

Hope you are doing just fine

Its a new way to change the rhythm of the week .

I call it : English Tuesdays

Today my rumbling is gonna be on Whatsapp .

As you know , its dominating the social media platform at the moment . For me , I'm not a big fond of the app to be honest .

People are getting too sensitive on it and getting offended really easily if they read a sentence wrong or the wrong way. Heck sometimes i open a simple "how are you" from my friend while i am working on my phone and he gets mad at me for reading and not answering him .... those damn notification bars -.- .

In my humble opinion , I think the social media was supposed to bring us closer but it did the opposite of that . Now , if someone wanted to congratulate another on his/her wedding or graduation lets say , all they do is send a text , with a bunch of emojis ofcourse . Man , have the decency to call at least or visit !

Social gatherings are important , and it has been proven through this pandemic that all of us are going through.

Stay safe y'all

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